1U Rack-Mount Case in Aluminum


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A space saving, high performance, full feature rackmount computer
designed to meet the needs of internet service providers seeking
a flexible architecture for deploying web-based applications, same 
as corporate data centers and remote sites looking to develop server
appliances. This 1U (1.75") industrial computer can support two
different motherboard configurations, Micro ATX or standard ATX 


 The aluminum rack-mount CASE is specifically designed to withstand 
   shock, vibrations, and a wide range of operating temperatures.

 The 106A is compact for versatile desktop applications.

 Two front cooling fans are filtered to keep out dust and dirt.
   6 additional fan spaces available.

 Since this is only 1U high, it is very suitable for communication
   node or space-limited application.

 Lockable front door for security and dust protection. 

 The sliding-rails mounting holes have been made for easy assembly. 

 Black is available for the 106A industrial enclosure.

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industrial rackmount case

  • Dimension:
      1.75" x 19" x 23.6" (H*W*D)
      [44.45mm * 483mm * 600mm]
  • Disk space:
      1 * 5.25", 1 * 3.5", 1 * 3.5" (INTERNAL)
  • Motherboard: (RISER CARD INCLUDED)
      slim Micro ATX or standard ATX
  • Cooling Fan:
      4 x 40mm cooling fans
  • Indicators:
      Power On/Off, HDD LED
  • Weight:
      G.W. 16 lb
  • Safety Approvals:
      TUV, CSA, UL
  • Power Supply:
      200w ATX
      [Optional: 2500w ~ 460w]

1U 19" All Aluminum ATX Rackmount Case
  w/1x5.25" & 1x3.5" open drive bays,
  1x3.5" hidden drive bay, 4 cooling
  fans & 200w ATX power supply
 $ 266.00

BLACK CASE: $10 additional!!